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a free-lance Designer, Illustrator and Photographer.

Michael regularly does Illustration, image manipulation, photographic retouching and compositing, Concept Art for film, television and games and teaches Photoshop and Digital Imaging at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. In addition, he has illustrated more than 90 book covers for the Uncle John’s series of humor/reference books.

For 8 and a half years, he worked at Industrial Light + Magic as a Visual Effects Art Director and Designer on commercials for Disney, Chevy, Pontiac and feature films War of the Worlds, Peter Pan, Minority Report, Gangs of New York, Rocky & Bullwinkle, the Mummy, the Mummy Returns and Mission to Mars. He also designed architectural spaces and droids for Star Wars Episode 1 and 2, a Jurassic Park trailer, a Vanity Fair cover, futuristic Academy Award Illustrations for Time magazine, various film posters, shirts, watches and ILM crew gifts of all sorts, aliens & flying ships, dangerous metallic mountain lions, talking fish . . . and flying squirrels.

Before ILM, he was a Commercial Animation Director at Colossal Pictures  in San Francisco. For 14 years, he directed and designed animated TV commercials and interactive screens in every shape and description for Chevy, Apple, Microsoft, Perrier, Coke, Lowenbrau, Nickelodeon, Disney and MTV, and was rewarded a Clio, Emmy and Mobius awards for his mantlepiece. He also designed type for a number of feature film title sequences, including Peggy Sue Got Married and  Jack as well as designing the California Raisins (remember those guys?). 

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