Peace (30th annual Holiday Card-2004)


Decidedly LESS DIGITAL than some of my recent work.

One of the conditions I set for this year my 30th annual Holiday card  (2004)

Designed it in Illustrator, black & white, just type & embellishments.

Took it to Kinko’s & enlarged to about 8 feet long.

Wanted the letter to be of a scale that I could wrap each in Satin,

without it being overwhelmed by the fabric. From this enlargement,

I cut out 2 foot high fomecore letters, and individually wrapped them . . .

Then went to a Florist, bought a bunch of green, bendable Curly Willow, and

a few other plants, formed them into braids like rope. Then traced out the

enlarged typographic ornaments, and painstakingly wired them onto black fomecore.

Photographed all pieces separately, and composited in Photoshop.

 It was great to stand aroundat the big table all day long, making a big mess . . .