F o T o A d V e n T u R e S

Sammy Walk
Seashell recalling a Colorful Journey (almost abstract)
• • • • Staccato Runner
~~ TWISTED Bottles
Louisa performing the HULA
Juggler with Backward Hands
Cardboard Picasso Guitar
My Left Foot
~~~~~ L i F e ~~~~~
Having the same DREAM
mb Profile Panorama
Mixerpiece Flowery collage
Ferry Building
Floating Bouquet #5
the SOURCE of it ALL
Coming Apart at the Seams
Ohh, I almost stepped on you
My Chest X-Ray
BuTTerFly FluTTers by
Matteo Sellas Guitar
X-RAY of a 1803 Martinez
Stay-at-Home BEARD
Double SMoKE
Market Street Blur
Up, UP and Away
HoT Air Balloon over Indeo
GLOW Abstract
the Glorious Civic Center
H a L L e L u j a h
Roman Pasta
I walked around a TREE
We Three Kings ~~ Still Life
mb Arthritis
My Hands Explored
Avant-Garde Halloween
nearly perfect • SPHERE
Cloud Brush at 30,000 feet

Unusual Experiments, X-ray photos, and 360 degree cameras and weird retouching, and . . .