Book of FACTS

I couldn’t find good resolution images of the NY City Library.

I found a low-resolution photos shot from a good perspective,

and distorted it to the angle I wanted. I had to enlarge it many

hundred percent to fill the 300 dpi size required for the printed book.

This served as my layout. Then I found stone texture and cloned it

into a large field of stone bricks, basically I refaced the

whole building.

Then I built a sky from 3 skies, then Googled “spectators” and

“picnics”  and cut out the 20 best I found, and positioned them

on the steps after I remade the steps at a higher resolution,

and added a railing from another image.

The foreground DUCK, like the bronze lion statue in front of

American institutions, needed to look weathered pitted & aged,

so I shot and manipulated a photo of a yellow rubber duckie.

This is all pieced together from many, many different bits,

all with disparate lighting, and unified in color and tone.