History’s Lists


This one is an homage to Joseph Cornell. You may be aware 

of his wonderfully little wooden boxes that are decorated with photos, 

doll heads and little curious oddities that have been featured at Moma.


So for this book on History, his work seems like a good starting point 

to display many historical artifacts. I created the boxes, 

then digitally distorted an old world map onto each face of the boxes

digitally wallpapering it . . . all pieces were transformed, distorted 

& shaded. For some of the dimensional objects had to be warped 

to allow the use of a certain image that was not shot in the 

correct perspective to fit into the necessary cubicle.

This is a composite of soooooo  many pieces, each of which had to be 

suggested & approved by a team of writers who ALL had a say 

in what should be presented. I created as many as 15 variations 

with many, many different items that only SOME of 

the team would vote to include !!    It was crazy.