Coke Watch


This was a challenging spot to create. A GIANT watch was built in the

Colossal Pictures model shop (by Mythbuster-Jamie Hynemann).

The face of the watch was about 14 inches across and made of brass.

It needed to be a large enough “stage” for all the stop-motion animation

to play on. The coke bottle “hand”of the watch revolved on a central peg,

and was sculpted out of plexiglass, shaped & buffed to a high-sheen.

Individually animated watercolor paintings of the coke itself were

registered on tiny pegs under the bottle and appeared to empty when the

bottle revolved & refilled at the top.┬áThe animated 50’s style artwork was

first designed & animated on paper, then the individual drawings

were mounted on a thin flexible aluminum, so they could stand

upright on the large watch & cast shadows.

 This won a CLIO award in1995 for Art Direction.